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tailored solutions for digital assets

Embarking on a digital currency adventure or managing your virtual assets can be exciting, but the right guidance, advice, and support are essential to ensure their security and growth.

Tax compliance & planning

Guiding clients through complex tax laws to optimise their financial outcomes and meet regulatory requirements.

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    Submission of self assessment
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    Tax planning to minimise tax liability
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Crypto Tax

Crypto bookkeeping & record keeping

Ensuring accurate, up-to-date transaction records, streamlining the accounting process for individuals and businesses alike.

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    Tailored to unique needs of individual
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    Accurate tax liability to mitigate the risk of overpayment
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Crypto Bookkeeping

Business incorporation & advisory

Providing comprehensive assistance in incorporating and managing crypto-related businesses in the UK

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    Incorporating crypto companies accurately
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    Advising companies to operate seamlessly
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Outsource, Training & education

Empowering clients and accountants with the knowledge and resources they need to confidently navigate the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

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    Expand service offerings
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    Meet growing client demands
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Business Crypto
Bespoke accounting services

Process of crypto tax 

We follow a defined process to ensure that our client's transactions are securely and accurately executed.

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Step 1

Fill up the contact form with some basic information about your current affairs to book a free consultation.

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Step 2

30 minute call to answer any questions you may have and estimate a quote (fixed quote).

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Step 3

Request addresses for all your wallets for review, accurately label all transactions, and compile a list of any queries.

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Step 4

Book in zoom calls to go through all queries and finalise the reports (as many calls as it takes no extra cost).

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Step 5

Complete the self assessment / any relevant paperwork for approval and submit.

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What Our Clients Say

We strive to provide professional accounting services in the UK.

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I'm someone who has always been intimidated by the idea of taxes. Accaya's personalised bookkeeping and tax services have made it so much easier for me to understand and manage my crypto investments. They have simplified the entire process for me, and I feel more confident and in control of my finances. I appreciate their attention to detail and commitment to excellent customer service.

Hamzah Hussain

independent investor
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I've been trading in cryptocurrencies for a few years now, and I've always struggled to keep track of my transactions and calculate my capital gains for tax purposes. Accaya made it so easy for me to stay compliant with the regulations and deadlines. Their attention to detail and affordable pricing make them the perfect partner for any individual investor like myself.

Auror Ferizolli

independent investor
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I have been a cryptocurrency trader for a few years now, and Accaya was a life saver. Their crypto bookkeeping and tax services have saved me countless hours of stress and headaches, especially during tax season. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, and always available to answer any questions I have.

Jiri Gorol

independent investor
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Proactive updates on Regulatory Changes

Cryptocurrency is transforming the financial landscape, making it an ideal time to jump in. With options like Bitcoin, XRP, DeFi, and NFTs, navigating the crypto world can be overwhelming. That's where we come in, making crypto more approachable and understandable for you.


In case you missed anything

If you have any questions related to your specific situation, please feel free to contact us.

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How is crypto taxed in the UK?

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In the UK, cryptocurrency is typically subject to Capital Gains Tax (CGT) when disposed of, such as when it is sold, exchanged, or used to purchase goods or services. Income Tax may also apply if you receive crypto as payment for employment, staking Etc.

What is the annual tax-free allowance for capital gains?

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For the 2022/2023 tax year, the tax-free allowance for capital gains is £12,300. In the 2023/24 tax year, the tax-free allowance is reduced to £6,000 and in the 2024/25 tax year, the tax-free allowance is reduced to £3,000.This amount can change in future tax years.

How do I calculate my capital gains or losses?

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To calculate capital gains or losses, you need to determine the difference between the acquisition cost and the disposal value of your cryptocurrency. This may require you to track the value of your crypto assets in GBP at the time of acquisition and disposal.

What if I receive cryptocurrency as income?

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If you receive cryptocurrency as payment for goods or services, or as a salary, you may need to pay Income Tax and National Insurance contributions on the value of the crypto received.

Do I need to report losses on my tax return?

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Yes, you should report losses as they can be used to offset gains in the same tax year or be carried forward to offset future gains.


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