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Our Story

Accaya emerged from initially assisting friends navigate the complex world of crypto taxes. Recognizing the broader need, we expanded our vision to provide a comprehensive and fair service, simplifying cryptocurrency tax complexities for all. Our passion is to empower everyone in their crypto journey, demystifying tax hurdles and fostering confidence.

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Tax Compliance

Assisting individuals and businesses to navigate through complexities of Crypto Tax

At Accaya, we empower individuals and businesses by providing comprehensive and reliable crypto tax solutions. We strive to demystify the complexity of cryptocurrency tax laws, fostering confidence and clarity. Whether you're venturing into a new project or seeking to better understand crypto taxes, our mission is to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you can navigate the financial landscape with confidence and ease.

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At Accaya, our vision is to be the go-to destination for crypto taxes in the UK. We aim to lead the industry through innovation, expertise, and exceptional service, making crypto tax management seamless and accessible for all. By consistently raising the bar and embracing the spirit of learning, we strive to define excellence in crypto tax solutions, ensuring every individual and business in the UK trusts Accaya as their go-to partner for crypto tax and bookkeeping needs.

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At Accaya, our mission and vision drive our goals. We're dedicated to fostering strategic partnerships within the crypto industry, helping us to broaden our network and service capabilities. Our ambition is to become the go-to provider for crypto tax and bookkeeping services in the UK, continually adapting to our clients' evolving needs. Beyond service delivery, we're determined to expand our social footprint, bringing Accaya's unique approach to an ever-growing audience within the crypto community.

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Bespoke Accounting services

Why Us?

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Crypto Expertise

In-depth understanding of crypto taxation and regulations for accurate guidance.


Personalised Service

Tailored solutions to meet unique client needs and goals.

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Trustworthy Partner

Secure handling of sensitive financial data and reliable service delivery.

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Compliance Focus

Ensuring adherence to tax laws and minimising risks.

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Responsive Support

Prioritising client satisfaction with attentive customer service.

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Continuous Learning

Staying current with industry developments to provide informed advice.

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Affordable Pricing

Competitive rates for exceptional value. Always transparent without hidden costs.

Meet our team Members

Crypto Accountant

Crypto's growth is fascinating but tax clarity is lacking. Many traditional accountants seem hesitant or outdated, leaving those needing advice feeling lost. However, I'm here to offer honest, professional guidance on tax affairs related to this asset class.

✓ DeFi
✓ L2 Polygon-Matic
✓ NFTs

Crypto Bookkeeping

Bringing a unique blend of academic insight from my ongoing PhD in machine learning for Anti-Money Laundering and practical experience, I ensure that all details of your tax affairs are accurately represented.

✓ Asic Mining
✓ Staking
✓ Trading Crypto